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Türcan Apple Laundry & Underwear

We produce men’s and women’s underwear with our wide product range. We have domestic and international sales (Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria). Our product range is under the guarantee of our company as there are many.

Among our women’s varieties, there are singlets, women’s snap fasteners, women’s boxers, women’s trousers, strapless, halterneck bodies, long and short tights, women’s sports singlets, gipon varieties, viscose product varieties, women’s bikini varieties and satin nightgowns.

Men’s Types We have men’s boxer, argentina (men’s long legs), men’s tank top, men’s sports tank top, bikini, slip (pants) types.

In our children’s range, there are children’s shorts sets, baby body, snap fastener body, children’s boxer, athlete panty sets, zero collars, children’s panties and pajama sets.